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With fifty years of practice in Malaysia, DC ARCHITECTS SDN BHD has accumulated wide range of experience in the design and implementation of projects. DC ARCHITECTS was founded in the late 1960s in Singapore.  It was restructured in 1972 to commence architectural practice in Johor Bahru and has grown over the last four decades. 

Currently, DC ARCHITECTS is helmed by her 3rd generation principal, supported by an echelon of younger professionals.

Throughout its growth and metamorphosis, the firm has continually maintained a sincere dedication to sound professionalism through a rational and sensitive approach towards architectural expression and urban planning. The firm is mindful of the need to fulfill simultaneously the aspiration of the client and the enhancement of both the built environment and the local community, so that each completed building reflects a good measure of performance, ambience and appropriate character.

The firm is particularly committed to the development of well-performing tropical architecture and energy-efficient design, which harness the attributes of our rich multi-faceted cultural heritage. 

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