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The 4 Significant Society-changing Legacies

1 - Precinct Planning

DC Architects is a pioneer in designing precinct planning within large-scale mixed developments, with the over-riding objective of attaining security, sense of community, integrated amenities and attractive environments for the end users. Research was pursued to derive optimal precinct sizes that are economically sustainable. Today, practically every housing development is designed with precinct planning which are ready for gated-&- guarded functions.



2 - The Cluster House

With much research and advocacy invested in 1996-1998, the Cluster House was born as an affordable alternative to the standard terrace house. This was first implemented on a large scale at Austin Heights, Taman Gaya and Adda Heights. The success of this new housing typology through its obvious advantages is another recent history in the real estate industry. Today, almost every major housing development features the Cluster House.



3 - The Linked-Bungalow

At the same time as the Cluster house concept was conceived, the Linked-Bungalow was developed as an improvement to the standard Semi-Detached House. A new housing typology was created and slotted in between the hierarchy of the Semi-D and the Bungalow. Aimed at the high end market no doubt, its obvious advantages over the Semi-D without reducing the yield makes it a viable product for many developments.



4 - The Data Centre

Traditionally Johor Bahru’s real estate has been rooted mainly in large-scale mixed housing- commercial developments. The great news is the recent wave of investments in Data Centre developments in Johor, bolstered by its huge land bank and adequate utilities infrastructure. DC Architects has been exceedingly fortunate to be at the forefront of this economic catalyst whilst acquiring state-of-the-art technologies in IT architecture that shapes Johor, with implications that shape the everyday life of our society.

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