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The project has great historical importance.  It is the first ever-built Cluster and Linked-Bungalow houses in southern Malaysia.  The concept of cluster houses and the linked-bungalows was conceived and developed by Ar Wong Chee Kin in 2001, who then had to convince the local authorities and housing developers of their advantages.  The cluster house is meant to be a product between the conventional terrace house and the semi-d, whilst the linked-bungalow is an upgraded semi-d and  more afford-able than a bungalow.  These were quickly proven to be successful and popular, and has become standard products in most new masterplanned housing schemes in Johor.

Austin Heights 5.jpg

These first cluster and linked-bungalows were designed in tropical architectural language that has stood the test of time.  Pitched roofs, clay roof tiles, large overhanging eaves and screens, especially when complemented with lush greenery, remain a relevant response to our climate.

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