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Invictus International School was planned in three phases, covering 4.14 acres, and the main planning challenge is that the site itself is an oddly shaped piece of land. The first phase was completed in 2022.


In the form of phase 1 comprising 4 blocks which are the administration, classroom, academy cum laboratories and cafeteria, all linked up by corridors and formed a central courtyard. The admin. block acts as a shield by separating students and visitors, providing a sense of privacy and safety to the school environment.

Invictus school _ horizon hills04.jpeg
Invictus school _ horizon hills01.jpeg

Inspiration of Courtyard



One amongst many interesting outcomes is the notion of semi-enclosed breakout spaces (green deck, study deck, etc.) that are consciously placed in the transition areas, the activities they facilitate become an integral part of the student experience. The multi-functional nature of these spaces helped in optimizing the built-up space if this urban school.

Phase 1 planned as a system of courtyard scaled majority of them are in shade throughout the year, thus making them effective not only a transition space but as extended learning environment.

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