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The Isola Precinct at Senibong Cove, Johor Bahru, is a new benchmark in luxurious housing development. Situated at the river-mouth of Sungai Lunchu, Parcel B1 is a Landed-Stratified housing scheme on a reclaimed 23-acre island with master-planned waterways and inlets.  

The project consists of waterfront bungalow villas, linked-bungalows and  semi-detached villas, a total of 144 units at a low density of 6 units per acre. The bungalow villas are perched over the peripheral coastline onto the canals to embrace the carefree island resort living.  Moving inland from the coastline are the linked-bungalows and semi-detached villas laid out in a radiating manner.  A linear water-channel feature is created to bring the waterfront ambience inland.

At the center of the island is a life-style resort Clubhouse enfronting a 25m infinity swimming pool, that creates a visual illusion of continuum into a lily pond and lush vegetation beyond. Architecturally, the buildings are designed in a modern contemporary language with a combination of hipped and mono-pitched roofs with huge overhangs that respond to our tropical climate.  Large expanse of glazing and sliding-folding doors are oriented towards the canals and water features, with generous timber decks that support a leisurely resort lifestyle.

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