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Applying to the concept of CONTINUUM, the Sales Gallery, is coherently connected to its surrounding open spaces and water bodies using an elevated Land Bridge Web as park connectors.

guard house view

The curvilinear Land Bridge Web is organically-inspired, and rises from the two parks and water bodies on both sides of the main entrance to the new township. It then crosses into the commercial plot where the Gallery is located, forms a lush landscaped roof garden before spiraling down into the Central Plaza at the heart of the Gallery.

aerial view 1.JPG
aerial view 2.JPG
Central Plaza.JPG

The Central Plaza is the Community Hub where all social activities and corporate events occur – a place to interact, play, work and feel belonged to. The Gallery & Business Centre wraps one half of the Central Plaza, whilst a series of F&B outlets flank the other half.

SGV Drop-off Porch
SGV Planning.jpg

The Land Bridge extends further beyond to encircle a “Food Forest” or urban farm, where a vast variety of plants are grown to provide a healthy bio-diversity. The “Food Forest” can be in parcels rented to agricultural companies such as organic farmers which can sustain on a commercial basis, whilst providing excellent educational exposures to residents and urban kids.

“Continuum” aims to integrate many components of people and activities in the new township in a safe, SEAMLESS and COMFORTABLE manner and in itself becomes a BOLD UNIQUE ECO-CENTRIC Entrance Statement!

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